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Friday, July 20, 2012

Turning Tide

Yesterday was, unfortunately, my last day in Barcelona. I spent the day roaming the streets, saying goodbyes, and trying to check some more "to do's" off the list. One of them was trying horchata! Unlike Mexican horchata, which is made from rice, Spanish horchata is made from tigernuts (chufas). I did some research and found that the 'best' horchata in Barcelona was supposedly being served in a little place not too far from two of the city's most famous skate spots (well-situated for me!).


I also got some cupcakes, because.. they're cupcakes. I don't really need a reason more than that, do I? There's a cute place in BCN called "Cup & Cake," which just recently opened a second store ALSO close to one of the city's most famous skate spots (MACBA). How very convenient for me. In any case, I gave two away and had two myself, one of which was greek-yogurt flavored. And it was awesome.

Clockwise from upper left: Greek yogurt, red velvet, brownie, and vanilla + coconut

Anyway, now I'm in Copenhagen. So, there will be posts-a-comin'!

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