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Monday, August 6, 2012

I know, I know...

Blogging is not my forte. But when I update Flickr all the time, I don't see why I have to write anything!

In any case, Denmark has been lovely. Despite freezing my butt off every so often, there have been bouts of incredible weather. And CPH Pro (Europe's [only?] all-pro skate contest) was amazing. Definitely an event that I would like to attend again someday, hopefully as soon as next year!

That event pretty much took up most of my time between the 23rd and the 29th, and since then I've been bumming around, taking photos, and spending time with my friends. Oh, and visiting castles.

Today I went to Helsingør, better known as Elsinore to the English-speaking folk. Yes, Hamlet's Elsinore. Helsingør is a coastal town in Eastern Denmark, about an hour away from Copenhagen by train. The castle, Kronborg, dates back to the 16th century. It was pretty cool, despite the fact that it was POURING for the greater part of the morning. And of course was beautiful as soon as I boarded the train to return to Copenhagen...

Kronborg Castle

Carving on a 16th-century chapel pew.

The moat!

While I'm excited to head to England, I'm quite sad to be leaving Copenhagen. This is a great city.

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