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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cathedrals and Labyrinths

I visited Santa Maria del Mar (1329-1383), and the Barcelona Cathedral (13th-15th centuries). Both are gothic cathedrals in the Catalan style. Per its title, the Barcelona Cathedral is the more famous of the two. Personally, I liked Santa Maria del Mar better.. It was quieter, and had a spacious nave that allowed you to see the entire church. The Barcelona Cathedral, on the other hand, was quite crowded with other tourists, and the choir prevents a full view of the nave.

Santa Maria del Mar
Santa Maria del Mar

I also went to the Labyrinth Park (again). It's a beautiful place, and a little more off the beaten path. It is the oldest "historical garden" in the city (first construction started in 1791). The park was owned privately until 1967, and was opened to the public in 1971. No more than 750 people are allowed in at the same time. If you're ever in Barcelona, I highly recommend a visit.

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