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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time Flies in Berlin

Wow. So we head to Denmark on Friday and it's hard to believe. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know Berlin as well as Barcelona (not that I knew Barca quite well, either), partially because the city is so large and partially because we were a lot busier.

BUT I have gotten some cool photos. I went to a skate competition (my first ever) at this youth center called M-Street.

I'm putting together a photo book for the trip. Still haven't decided whether or not I'll make it available to purchase. Of course I'll be posting once it's finished!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Jüterbog and Werder

SO I am now in Berlin, Germany. Hurrah! Already it feels quite massive compared to Barcelona. We had Saturday and Sunday free, so on Saturday evening a friend and I decided to venture to a little town about 65km outside of Berlin.
We took the train to Jüterbog, and were going to hike the 5km to Werder (a population of around 100).

Bicycle, Shadows
It was beautiful outside and I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air. And colors. And shadows.

We ended up running into the woman we were staying with, so only ended up walking about 1km rather than the full 5. Werder is a tiny town with literally one road running through it.

There's the road!

The people of Werder had a giant bonfire to celebrate May Day--- they burnt an effigy of a witch. Witch hunts, etc. Still not entirely sure about the history behind it, but something to do with burning witches. And Lutheranism. And paganism. Or something.

Standing by the Fire

Anyway, it was a really great trip and you should check out the photos