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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I Learned #3 - Prague

1. Grass??? (Barcelona didn't have much of that. Doesn't rain much and all).
2. There are only three metro lines in the whole city. THREE. Also, the escalators leading to/from the tunnels are terrifyingly steep.

Metro, Prague
That's looking down.

3. Pilsner = cheap and delicious.
4. Just because your hostel is right next to a strip club (hilariously titled "Sexy Club 666) does not make it bad.
5. The skaters here laugh, affectionately, I hope, at you if A) ask to take their picture B) aren't lugging around an enormous camera bag and C) are a girl. Lamesauce.
6. Converting US dollars into the Czech crown is HORRIBLE. $1 = 17Kč
7. WO IST DER SCHLECKER?? Oh, it's right down the street from me.
8. Czech is crazy hard to pronounce.
9. The colors in Prague are fantastic.


And that's the end of my lazy Prague blog post.

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