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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barcelona Amusements

So, while I pretty much have been concentrating my efforts on photographing skateboarding around Barcelona, I have done some other things as well.
Case in point:

I saw a giant pillow fight.

Pillow Fight 2

Pillow Fight!

I semi-participated in that... it was slightly difficult while carrying a camera around, pillowless. I did have my camera thwacked into the bridge of my nose a few times. That was lovely. BUT it was an enjoyable experience overall.

I also witnessed some lovely swing dancing. It was particularly lovely because it was in a non-touristy area of the city (the best part of a city!). Sunday Morning Swing.

Sunday Morning Swing

Red and Yellow

While I was taking some skate photos, a group of boys were playing cricket behind a while covered in graffiti. I was able to get this shot, and am very happy I did:


There! Now you (sort of) know what I've been up to.

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