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Monday, April 4, 2011

BCN Skateboarding: A Work in Progress.

Unbeknownst to many (including myself before arriving), Barcelona is widely regarded as the "skateboarding capital of the world." A mecca for skaters, BCN draws groups and individuals from around the world. For example, in my first few days I have already heard Spanish, British, Irish, American, and French dialects.

Skateboarding has a culture of its own. Nowhere else have I seen so many people greet each other with so much respect and friendliness. In the short time that I've spent watching, rivalries seem nonexistent. People clap when its deserved. Everyone is a participant; even those just watching. The most popular skateboarding location in BCN is Plaça dels Angels, right in front of the MACBA museum. Plaça dels Angels is not just a place to skate, it's a place to watch, to learn, to support.

Like most public venues, attempting to skate in the Plaça is not without its challenges. In the three hours I spent there one day, the police arrived three separate times. This is problematic. As soon as the police arrive, the skating stops.

I've decided to pursue a series of photos that will hopefully provide a glimpse into the skateboarding culture of Barcelona: the individuals, the tricks, the wipeouts, the relationships that all make BCN so much more than just "the skateboarding capital." The culture goes much deeper than that.

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