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Thursday, March 24, 2011


And so we reach Barcelona, the first long stay (until April 23rd) of our trip. We haven't done much yet; just walked down La Rambla and to the coast and stopped in the Gothic Cathedral (not to be confused with La Sagrada Familia--that visit comes tomorrow). The cathedral was gorgeous, but there was a lot of construction so we couldn't see much.

So far, Barcelona has a really interesting feel. Maybe it's because we've only been on the main, touristy drag, maybe it's because I don't speak the language, but I do really miss Paris and Barcelona seems a bit less exciting in comparison. Perhaps Paris has just been so romanticized...Barcelona, on the other hand, I hardly know much about. I'll have to read up on the city's history.

Anyway, I didn't take many photos today. It was more of a relaxed/shopping day. [THERE WERE 3 H&Ms WITHIN 3 BLOCKS OF ONE ANOTHER]

Here's a photo taken at the Gothic Cathedral.

Camera Prayer
I found this man's pose really captivating. While this was in the cloisters rather than the actual cathedral itself, it just seemed like an interesting way to capture tourism in holy places.

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